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Having grandchildren has its benefits, what better excuse is there for a garden railway


The Weston Clevedon Portishead Railway line once must have been not much more the a stones throw from the back garden, so what better name for the garden layout. Some times  called Large Scale, G Scale  the only constant seem to be the track gauge. Hopefully one day the modest circle
 of track may develop into a proper layout. this expansion will depend on finances big trains come at a big price, however Bachmann's Thomas range make a good starter but if you intend an outside lay out do not buy one of the complete sets as the track is steel and it will rust if left out side.

I decided to lay the track at ground level it is secured to wooden posts spaced at intervals these are hidden by the gravel used as ballast. I also made the decision to solder wire links either side if the fish plates this improves running and this was also necessary for the security system.


Its been a busy week construction of Worle Halt passing loop has progressed well however test running of James with Emily's coaches did not go too well over the newly laid points. Due to the longer wheel base of these coaches  they derail on the tight curve  at the points, adding some extra weight to the coaches did cure this problem.  The passing loop can be used in automatic mode by using reed switches on the track operated by magnets on the locos. By using the polarity switch that changes the running direction on one of the locos.  Train 1 enters the loop from the right activates the reed switch which switches power to the other line and train 2 leaves from the left.